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annamarie juliet wagner was born in new orleans, louisiana, to a modest family. her parents, owen and priscilla, had wanted a child for as long as they had been together, and the birth of their only daughter was a momentous occasion. annamarie was doted on by her parents and they gave her a firm foundation on which to grow. her parents, married for many years before they were able to have the child they had longed for, were hard workers. they knew the hardships that life could offer, but they also knew the joys. they tried to instill a sense of both the good and the bad in their daughter from a young age, knowing that it would only help her be a stronger person when she was grown. however, when annamarie was ten, that happy little family would be destroyed and all the lessons owen and priscilla still had yet to teach their daughter would be lost. while the young girl conned her way to a later bedtime with the babysitter, her parents were struck by a drunk driver on their way home from a date night, and both were killed, leaving their little girl alone in the world.

after the death of her parents, annamarie withdrew. she turned from a bubbly, sunny child, into one who brooded and prefered silence to the company of other children. she spent a number of weeks in a group home, until her maternal aunt, Carol Jones, who lived in westchester county, ny, could be contacted and convinced to take the child, rather than let her stay in foster care for the foreseeable future. annamarie's aunt wasn't really the type of person that wanted to jump right into motherhood (she didn't know if she wanted to have chlidren at all) and the relationship between aunt and niece would come to alter annamarie's childhood, and in turn adulthood, in ways no one might have otherwise realized.

the relationship annamarie would have with her aunt would be a difficult one. it vascilated between friendship, rather than parenting, and overbearing. for many years it seemed like no two days in her aunts house would ever be the same. while it was hard for her aunt, to suddenly be responsible for another human being, it was hard for annamarie to feel like she was a burdern in the place she was forced to call home. the pair could fight over the smallest of things, the smallest of slights, no matter how real or imagined they might be. annamarie grew fearful and resentful of her aunt, and that fear and resentment would shape her adolescent years and beyond. that she suffered a level of physical abuse at the hands of her aunt would be something she would wrestle with later in life.

as a result of her home life, annamarie acted out, and she acted out often. she was a good student, but she did anything and everything she could in order to get attention from people. to replace the love she remembered having with her parents, she fell into relationships, hard and fast. one relationship in particular blossomed in high school and was overlooked as as first love type thing. but the relationship, pretty on the surface, was toxic under it all. annamarie would do anything she could to keep her boyfriend happy, and the things he often wanted her to do were on the other side of legal or moral. but she did them, to ensure she didn't lose someone else she loved.

the summer after her senior year of high school, annamarie and her boyfriend were wild and free. with nothing to tie them down, they went more wild than usual. that summer would be a summer of firsts and a summer of pushing limits. it was also the summer that would change everything. coming home late one night after leaving a group weekend getaway in the mountains, annamarie and her boyfriend were in a car accident that left them both severely injured. annamarie was placed in a medically induced coma for two weeks, and when she woke, nothing would be the same. she woke to find that her boyfriend had severe head trauma and was also in a coma, but he, unlike her, would never wake up. at seventeen, annamarie blamed herself. no matter how many times doctors or nurses told her it wasn't her fault, or how many times it was explained to her that he'd been driving too fast down the mountain and took a turn wrong, she would never admit it wasn't her fault. they'd been fighting, she could remember that, and the way they'd screamed at each other was just as surely to blame for his predicament as the turn of a steering wheel.

after the accident annamarie knew she had to shape up. her first move was to pack her things and flee her aunts house. still considered a minor for another few months, she met up with an older friend from high school and crashed with him for a while, in queens. she stopped going by the name annamarie and adopted her middle name, juliet, as her name. her last name, jones, while the same as her aunt's, was common enough to not to make her worry. she enrolled in a community college in new york, worked hard, kept her head down and put in the time for the two year program to make the grade and transfer to a four year school. to pay for her classes, she took any and all odd jobs she could. she waitressed and bartended and eventually went on to pick up some less savory and decidedly less legal jobs. anything to pay the bills. the streets of new york city were the perfect place for the girl formerly known as annamarie to get lost and find a new and unique skill set. she could adapt to any given situation, which made her an easy hire for anyone looking for a chameleon-like "actress" to pull of this job or that. in truth, juliet liked the seedy work more than her school work, but she kept her nose to the grindstone in college in order to make the grade and to not seem like anything was out of the ordinary.

after graduating from college, she stuck around new york city for a number of years, keeping in touch with her seedy contacts to make the money she needed to fund her lifestyle and to simply stay in the loop. That group of misfits became more of a family to her than her aunt could have ever been. however, all things must come to an end in time, and five years ago she moved to boston because she needed a change of pace. she felt like her life was at a standstill in new york and she needed to leave. not to mention she wanted to get away from some people who really wanted her to stay. while she says she chose boston for very specific reasons, she literally took a bunch of city pamphlets, put them in a bag, and picked one. the one she picked was the place she would move. she drew boston and, for reasons unknown, it immediately felt right.

For now, Juliet works as a real estate agent, while oftentimes supplementing her income with some of the less savory jobs that put her through college in New York. She has a knack for spinning tales and can make any place seem like its THE PLACE to be. Whether or not that's always true, remains to be seen. She spends her time keeping one step ahead of the life she left behind in New York.

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