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allison, what the fuck

look, i said i was sorry, but you shouldn't have shown up like you did!

that doesn't excuse your behavior

it fucking DOES caleb. you ambushed me when i TOLD YOU i was done. i DONT WANT TO SEE YOU

if you would just TALK to me, i wouldnt have to track you down

do you know how insane you sound, caleb? i broke up with you. why? because you changed the game

you decided what we had wasn't enough to do what you promised me. you weren't going to leave connie

because leaving connie would make you look bad. you thought you could make it all disappear if you just kept me further in the background

it was my marriage, allison! it was going to be complicated

no, caleb. you either wanted to be with me or you wanted to protect your image.

allie, please. this will be over soon. connie and i are getting divorced and we can be together.

no, caleb.

is it sullavan? he's never going to treat you right. you can do better than him.

keep his name out of your mouth and your nose out of my business.

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Annalise Keating
to me
22 Aug ⋯
Dear Ms. Evans,

I'm sure you know why I'm writing, but I think it is important to conduct all communication in a trasparent manner, so I will elucidate here. I'm writing to gain insight into the incident that occurred last week with my client at Camp Earth. According to unknonw sources, you are quoted as calling Mr. Ransom a predator. I'm sure I don't need to remind you that slander and libel are very serious charges. My client and I are not looking to press charges, however, just seeking clarification to help the media better understand. From what you have told your people to send us, regarding your own statement, you actually said that Mr. Ransom was preying on your emotions. We understand that this situation has placed everyone involved under close scrutiny, but we're all adults here and I don't think we'll need to resort to name calling. We understand that things said in the moment can be misconstrued and taken out of context, and further taken out of context in order to create salacious gossip. We thank you for releasing your statement and for cooperating with us fully to make sure Mr. Ransom's name is not further dragged through the mud.
Alexandra Sinclair
21 August, 2020 at 11:32 PM
Alexandra Sinclair
Call Back

Allison, its Alex. Why aren't you answering your phone or responding to my texts. I can only assume by your silence that you HAVE in fact seen the tweets coming out of some account called camp dirt that all seem to be about people at the getaway you are at. Is this shit true? Did Caleb show up? More importantly did you CALL HIM A PREDATORY?! Seriously, allison, you need to start responding to any one of us so we can get on top of this. I know your first instinct is to bury your head, but you can't do that this time. Get your shit together and call me back. NOW.

allie despite how the week ended, i wouldn't trade this experience for the world #campearth #whatupbeeches
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Over the weekend, as many of you already know, i suffered from what i will only describe as an invasion of privacy, and i'm certainly not the only one. while at an event hosted for the elite in the entertainment industry, private conversations and incidents were observed and then squirrled away to release to the public when it was convenient for whomever this person or persons was. i understand that i am a public figure, but i cannot be expected to be on my guard at all times, that is utterly exhausting and i think anyone would agree its unrealistic. so, in what was supposed to be a safe and relaxing space, myself and many of my friends and contemporaries let their guards down.

I'm writing this statement today to address an incident that directly involved me and someone i had been romantically involved with for over a year. Yes, i will admit that Caleb Ransom and i had an extra marital affair from the end of 2018 until the beginning of 2019. i was aware that caleb was married, but i was always led to believe that the marriage was an unhappy one, that we were doing nothing wrong, and it was even implied on an occasion that his wife knew what he was doing. this was all, obviously, a lie. caleb and i met each other through mutual acquaintences and have seen one another at various industry events over the years, but it was not until 2018 that we began to see each other outside of these events.

I do not condone my actions, nor do i relish the pain this has inflicted on caleb's wife, constance. to say that i was in love with caleb and that i used that love to justify our affair and keeping our relationship a secret from everyone we hold dear, is not a stretch. i believe that, because i loved him and he loved me, that what we were doing couldn't possibly be wrong. i am aware of how naive that now sounds. but i do have to make one thing very clear: caleb was not and is not a predator. i entered into a relationship with him of my own will and gained nothing from it, nor did he gain anything from his relationship with me. the words i said in anger and taken out of context to sensationalize a private conversation, do not reflect the man that i know to be a hard working, creative, loving man. our relationship could have and should have ended just as privately as it began, but, due to unfortunate circumstances, that wasn't possible. please do not direct your anger at him, and do not spread this false narrative that he is a predator. i deeply regret my choice of words. -Allie

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