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egainesofficial "I'm in a different place now than I was, three or four, even five years ago. We go through stages in our lives and in our careers. So a few years ago I closed the door on one part of my life. I think I had to, at the time, in order to go to a new place, career-wise. Living human emotions allows me to play deeper characters. I know a lot of actors, especially my age, that try not to feel in their real lives, because our craft can make us feel so much. But I'm the opposite. I use the pain, the joy, everything, from my life and let that bleed into my characters. But, it does work both ways." -- Eleanor Gaines in August Cosmopolitan
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eleanorgfans bow down to this QUEEN
egainsofficial i love how candid she can be
russoarmy candid? more like petty

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