We Have Some Questions
2/5/2018 10:30 AM PST

Jane Kennedy was last seen in New York promoting her disasterous new movie, 'Cats', while boyfriend Noah Rowling was off in London having a good ol' time with his boys. That is, of course, until Rowling got into what sources are calling a brawl with some friends of none other than boxer Jacob Ryan, also known as Red Ryan, the badboy who blessedly broke Kennedy's heart a time or two and gave us some bangers. Sources say Ryan wasn't at the pub at the time the altercation took place, but that his boys don't do anything without his knowledge or permission.

The bigger question here is: Why wasn't Rowling with Kennedy? Yes, there is the old standby story that the pair are very under the radar and keep things quiet, but in the past Rowling has been waiting in the wings (literally) to support his lady love, and vice versa. Not so, this time. Some sources are saying the pair have hit a bit of a rocky patch over a twitter rant by a Kennedy fan that alleges MUCH of Kennedy's album, Lover, is NOT actually inspired by her relationship with Rowling, but by her inability to let go of her past with Ryan.

Whatever the truth, its certainly about to get juicy in the new year...