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chloehart a labor of love. that's what everything we do is. storytelling at its finest brings out something in us; for me it can be a fear. as a producer, i find myself pushing more and more out of my comfort zone in order to make sure diverse voices are heard. its knowing when to say yes, and when to say no. season two wasn't something we took on lightly. we were afraid that maybe we'd caught lightening in a bottle and we were afraid to let go of that. but the more we talked, the more we explored, the more we realized that liane's book had finished, but the lives of celeste and bonnie and renata and jane and madeline had not. so we gracefully and carefully have continued their stories. we have continued to push women to the forefront, to prove that we can carry a story, that our lives are important. if you see yourself in one of us, then we have done our jobs. #bll2 #montereyfive

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