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chloehart in june, the lovely ladies of monterey come back to your screens and (hopefully) into your hearts. i will never get over how thoroughly you all embraced us for season one, and i truly believe our continuation of the lives of these women will intrigue you as much as it did to begin with. season two wasn't something we took on lightly. we were afraid that maybe we'd caught lightening in a bottle and we were afraid to let go of that. but the more we talked, the more we explored, the more we realized that liane's book had finished, but the loves of celeste and bonnie and renata and jane and madeline had not. so we gracefully and carefully have continued their stories. we have continued to push women to the forefront, to prove that we can carry a story, that our lives are important. if you see yourself in one of us, then we have done our jobs. #bll2 #montereyfive
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russoarmy is that Eliza's dress!? CUTENESS.
egainesofficial REALLY? You know that song was inspired by Eleanor right?
alexanderhamilfans Eliza! You should be cast as her after you have the baby.
allisonrusso @russoarmy it's an extra one and just for fun. I'd split the seams on the original.
russofans Thank you for responding!
donna.warren Halloween costume? The little dude will be here by then...
allisonrusso @donna.warren I'm borrowing the Hamilton costume for that.
emma.morrison @allisonrusso @donna.warren are you all together?
allisonrusso @emma.morrison yeah we're in Chicago until tomorrow!
emma.morrison @allisonrusso @donna.warren bring me a t-shirt please they keep selling out online.
allisonrusso @emma.morrison Alex can't even get ME one!

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